Our PJM Services

GT Power Group is pleased to offer a suite of consulting services to clients interested in the PJM Interconnection.

Equipped with regulatory experts in the PJM footprint, GT Power Group provides full time support to the PJM Power Providers Group or P3. P3 is a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of establishing properly designed and well-functioning markets in the PJM footprint. Combined, P3 members own over 87,000 MW of power in PJM.

In addition, GT Power Group professionals provide specific consulting services to those individual clients seeking deeper insights into the PJM markets. Among other things, our PJM team provides alerts to rule changes that could impact your business, serves as your eyes and ears at all PJM meetings and helps you navigate PJM’s many rules that impact your business. Our GTPowerSource web application provides clients real time access to PJM stakeholder meetings. In addition, through PJM Today and the GTPS Weekly Wrap, clients are kept abreast of the latest news and market reforms from PJM.

For additional information on GT Power Group's PJM Services, click here.