Understanding Client Needs

At GT Power, we know how to listen. Successful solutions demand a thorough understanding of the situation and the goals of the client. Beyond understanding any immediate problems, we strive to understand the overall business strategy and objectives of our clients so we can be engaged and informed members of the team.

Developing Strategies

With decades of experience in the electricity, telecommunications, natural gas and water industries, the GT Power team has an intimate knowledge and first hand insights into the regulatory process. We know how to formulate approaches that meet the needs of clients, we strive to set realistic goals and then we go about the process of achieving them.

Assembling a team

GT Power’s flexible platform provides an efficient and effective means of assembling the appropriate team of professionals to pursue the client’s strategy. We have successfully partnered with major law firms, former state public utility commissioners throughout the country, demand response providers, engineers, economists, lobbyists, public relations professionals and former state and federal government officials. The team we assemble is driven by the client’s needs not a preconceived notion of what the client should need and can be scaled to handle virtually any size project.